Tattoo culture of the Baigas

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This course offers insight into the pride of Tattooing among the Baiga Tribe. Especially, the Baiga women have an habit of tattooing  every body part with big elaborate figures.  The tattoos are known as Godna, are not only seen as identification for the Baiga tribe, but also the symbolic pride that instills the assence of completeness in women.  Hence the study highlights the belief that the pain Baigin woman endures during tattooing prepares her for labor pain during childbirth, that the tattoo is their identity mark.

The art of tattooing is extensively prevalent amongst Baiga women. This study throws light on how traditionally, the Baiga women made elaborate tattoos on their forehead, arms, legs, back, neck and breasts. Special mention of the tattoo patterns which usually signify fire, crops, grains, peacocks(amba), pair of hens, chariot, flowers, trees, eyes, etc are also part of the course.

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  • Free intro to the course which runs through contents
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Instruction Team

  • Designed the Course with complete references to the discipline of social anthropology.
  • Presenting key themes, theoretical debates, the historical development of the discipline, and ongoing questions.

Comprising of academic experts from our  Middle East India Tribal Research Team, which determines what strategies should be implemented to help the student achieve success. With decades of experience working in the fields of education and social anthropological studies, the MEITR team has produced an excellent course curriculum that gives detailed information about the tattoo culture of the Baigas.

Moreover, this research team has real-time experiences in interacting with the women of the Baiga tribe to understand their distinct tattooing skills. Hence the team has worked on how such course ideas can be produced, negotiated, and revised over time.

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